Madelyn Jordon Fine Art Summertime Blues


Madelyn Jordon Fine Art is delighted to present ‘SUMMERTIME BLUES’, a group exhibition of recent works by eleven diverse artists. The show’s vision is to bring together each artist’s interpretation of the season through highly personal evocations.  The title references multiple, loose associations between the works-- from their predominant color, to the mood they spark, to iconic locales, histories and cultural icons of the season. Mediums on view include paintings, photography and prints. 

Gallery artists Marit Geraldine BostadElissa GoreSandrine Kern and Yangyang Pan debut exciting new works on canvas, which illustrate fresh approaches and themes. For example, in Bostad’s Conversations In A Room #3, squeegeed acrylics dance across a flat green background, evoking the verbal timbre of a crowded room. Conversely, Pan’s Ocean Love, Kern’s Water Lilies 40, and Gore’s Sawkill Sunset #3 embrace energetic and poignant views of bodies of water—from oceans to rivers to ponds in summer.

Derek Buckner’s Coney IslandPurdy Eaton’s The Coming StormDJ Leon’s George Reeves-Superman and Ida/Javelle’s Heat Wave, present people, and places of cultural significance in art history and pop culture, while engaging in traditional summer fun and highlighting social issues of the present.

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